Right of Reply following Daphne Caruana Galizia’s Allegations regarding Dr Alex Sciberras


To the Editor,

I feel aggrieved by the content of your article published on the 19th of December, 2015 entitled “The lawyer who Konrad Mizzi paid €260,494 last year is Labour deputy mayor of Msida” (Running Commentary – Daphne Caruana Galizia’s Notebook ).

I categorically condemn and deny the insinuation that I, or my firm Sciberras Associates Advocates, was involved in any shape or form in the Enemalta deal or that I was ever in receipt of €260,494 for legal services rendered to government at the rate of €170 an hour.

Moreover, I vehemently refute and reject any and all insinuations made in your story and/or comments in your blog, regarding my professional integrity and that of my father Judge Emeritus Philip Sciberras. Our professional integrity is measured through our diligent and educated service to all of our clients and is strong enough to withstand any puerile attempts by you to denigrate it. You are hereby being solicited to desist once and for all from peddling further falsehoods.

Failure on your part to substantiate the allegations made against me, either by consulting me personally or with the principal source, is evidence of your deceit and intended malice, the sole purpose of which is to cause harm to my personal and professional reputation. I only hope that your deceit was not borne out of retaliation, after my firm was engaged by clients to pursue various libel proceedings against you.

In light of the above I must solicit you to:

  1. immediately delete the defamatory article or blog-post in question;
  2. publish this right of reply giving it equivalent prominence; and
  3. issue an outright, complete and absolute public apology.

In the event of your default to comply with the above, by the end of today, 20th December, 2015, I hereby reserve my right to institute all legal action permissible by law.

So that you may be guided accordingly,

Dr Alex Sciberras

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